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What should I do next?


Contact Us for a Tour!

We are thrilled to have the chance to show you what we love about SAS!

Please contact us today for a tour!


Come spend time with us!

We encourage students to spend some time with us by arranging a student visit: Early Learners (3 years old) through grade 8!


Complete the Application

1. Complete the application and pay the $25 fee online.

2. Once you hear from our Admissions team, it's time to ENROLL! Our Facts Family Portal makes it so easy to apply and pay the $100 Registration fee.

3. We hope to be able to welcome every child into SAS! However, we do have some full classes each year. If your child's grade is on a waiting list, we will get them added and do our best to get them into St. Anne. 



Contact Us

We will be in touch, soon!


St. Anne Catholic School admits students of any race, religion, and national and ethnic origin.  Applications for all grades are subject to the review and recommendation of the St. Anne Catholic School Admissions Committee. 

Every student must possess the educational background necessary to reach his or her fullest potential in order to be admitted. Students with serious disciplinary issues. attendance problems, or poor academic performance may not be offered admission.

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