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300 Euclid Avenue

Bristol, VA




 St. Anne Middle School is designed to be a bridge from the elementary years to the high school years.  We provide your student a safe place in which to grow and learn during these formative years.  We do this through encouraging an inventive spirit, the flexibility to adapt to change, a desire to set and attain goals, and a belief in themselves. We give students the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills and independence through various competitions, clubs, activities, sports, and service projects.

Our middle school curriculum is challenging, hands-on, and enriching. Students delve into novels, learn about cultures around the world,  apply math to real world situations, complete multi-level research papers, learn to confidently navigate technology, complete science projects, and much more. For more details on our rigorous middle school curriculum, please visit our Curriculum Page

While academics are obviously a priority, we also care deeply about their moral development. Our veteran faculty is devoted to teaching the whole child, and great care is given to the formation of the conscience. Religion lessons focus on moral decision making, the value of emotional intelligence, and the mission to serve others.  Our alumni have gained an understanding of the importance of learning and how their knowledge affects others. Your child will enter high school socially and academically prepared. This sense of self-worth at such a critical, vulnerable time in life is invaluable. 


"The St. Anne Middle School teachers are not educators but mentors. They structure their classes for the students to learn and succeed. The students learn to take notes during lectures and  discussions and then study from these notes . They learn how to study as they will in high school and college."

"I've never seen a Middle School student at St. Anne who is left out, ignored, or unhappy."

"The Middle School Curriculum is structured to challenge the students. I especially like the 6th grade challenge in late December through March when they have their country report, science fair projects, and and regular assignments. This teaches them to prioritize and keep up with assignments."