Our easiest fundraiser 

How does the app work?

Once you create an account, the app is a very easy, user-friendly way to take full advantage of SCRIP. You can brose by item, store, or by brands offering bonuses! Plus, you can purchase and manage all of your gift cards in the "Wallet" section. For example, if you are checking out at Walmart or eating at Cracker Barrel, you can purchase a gift card on the app once your check arrives! It really is this easy to help SAS earn money- and save you money on tuition!

How is SCRIP beneficial?

1. Our school earns a percentage of every purchase! 2. YOU earn a percentage back on your puchases that can be put toward tuition. There is no catch- it really is this easy!

How does SAS use the SCRIP money?

SCRIP is our easiest fundraiser, and we are able to have a big impact on the school with the money raised. Funds go toward classroom supplies, like new books and curriculum supplements. We also use the money for technology updates, new programs, and fun bonus-items for our students. It is truly a win-win!

What is SCRIP?

It is a gift card program for fundraising. You purchase gift certificates to national and local vendors that are used just like cash. The amount is dollar for dollar, so if you buy a $25 gift card, you still get a $25 gift card! Our school receives a percentage of every gift card purcahsed. You are truly fundraising while you shop! You can choose to purchase physical gift cards OR download the app, which is very user-friendly.

How is this a fundrasier?

The stores sell the SCRIP program the gift cards at a discount, so when we sell the gift card at full price, the school is able to keep the extra money. Plus, YOU get a percentage back from each purchase that you can put directly toward tuition.

Which stores are part of SCRIP?

At St. Anne, we keep numerous stores in stock. Many popular retailers, like Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon, Target, Walgreens are part of SCRIP. In addition, so are many favorite restaurants: Outback, Papa John's, Starbucks, Subway, etc... There are over 750 stores that participate in SCRIP. Buy gift cards as gifts or buy them for yourself to use when shopping. It is truly this easy to help the school fundraise and for you to help lower your tuition bill.

How do I start?

1. Shoot us an email! ( ) We will be happy to answer any questions! You can also place an order for SCRIP gift cards, and we will send them home with your student! 2. Download the RaiseRight mobile app to access SCRIP from your phone! 3. Enter the SAS code: LEE1485D4328 4. Use the app! SCRIP includes over 750 stores and restaurants- Target, Home Depot, Starbucks, Walmart, etc... 5. Encourage your friends and family to sign in under St. Anne and use the app. Their purchases help our school and can also help lower your tuition. 6. Purchase physical gift cards as gifts for others!