SCRIP is an EASY way to reduce your tuition bill or to donate back to the school. 

 SCRIP is an opportunity to buy cash cards or gift cerificates to use at both local and national vendors.  Each vendor offers a set percentage "discount" that is divided at an 80/20 rebate between the family and St. Anne School.  SCRIP is sold Tuesday mornings (in the main hallway by the cafeteria) OR it can be ordered and picked up at your convenience.  Fill out the form below to place an order or to ask any questions about SCRIP.


It's very simple and an easy way to save on tuition and help St. Anne School while shopping at places you are going anyway!

Now, it is even EASIER to use SCRIP! Check out "My SCRIP Wallet," which allows you to access SCRIP from your phone. You can redeem gift cards already purchased OR buy gift cards immediately. For example, if you are in WalMart and want to use a SCRIP card, you can just open the app and buy one! 

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