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Early Learners &
Junior Kindergarten 

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Story Time



Substantial research proves the importance of a quality preschool program and its impact on the overall academic success of children. Preschool has even been called "the most important grade." 

Early Learners is our class for students who turn 3 years old by September 30 of the school year. Junior Kindergarten is our class for students who turn 4 year old by September 30 of the schoolOur preschool is different than other preschools in the area, because even our preschool has achieved full accreditation. Our curriculum explores emergent literacy and pre-mathematical concepts while inspiring imagination and a love of learning. These concepts are taught through developmentally appropriate activities and incorporate art, crafts, music, and creative movement. In addition, students develop motor skills, listening skills, the ability to follow directions, and build independence. We are committed to providing the best preschool experience and pride ourselves on being affordable excellence. 

Even our preschool students take classes in art, music, library, STEM, Spanish, and physical education! Every one of our teachers is certified in their subject areas.



"All three of my children have gone through St. Anne Preschool, and  I cannot say enough about the foundation our children have recieved from the loving and attentive care of so many teachers who love them!"


"If a parent is considering St. Anne, stop considering and run over there right now. You will not find a better place or more caring teachers to love your child. The academic rigor is unparalleled, the enrichment is the best of the best, and the faith value "


Additional information:

  • Children applying for the "Early Learners" Program must be three years old by September 30.

  • Children applying for the "Junior Kindergarten" Program must be four years old by September 30. 

  • Children must be potty trained prior to admission. 

  • There are multiple schedule options, including half day and full day programs. .

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