Early Learners &

Junior Kindergarten 




Substantial research proves the importance of a quality preschool program and its impact on the overall academic success of children. Preschool has even been called "the most important grade." 

The preschool curriculum explores emergent literacy and pre-mathematical concepts while inspiring imagination and a love of learning. These concepts are taught through developmentally appropriate activities and incorporate art, crafts, music, and creative movement. In addition, students develop motor skills, listening skills, the ability to follow directions, and build independence.

Children enjoy art, music, library, foreign language, and physical education.  Of course, our children are also surrounded by faith and traditional Christian principles. All children are encouraged to learn at their own pace; skills are introduced as children show readiness. Teachers understand the importance of physical activity and creative play for preschoolers, and they incorporate these types of activities throughout the day in our preschool. 

Additional information:

  • Children applying for the "Early Learners" Program must be three years old by September 30.

  • Children applying for the "Junior Kindergarten" Program must be four years old by September 30. 

  • Children must be potty trained prior to admission. 

  • There are multiple schedule options, including half day and full day programs. .