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As public schools continue to make budget cuts in their Arts departments, St. Anne's programs are growing even stronger. St. Anne is also unique in that each of our speciality area teachers are certified in their areas.  Our students, from pre3-8th grade, attend classes in Spanish, Library, Music, PE, Robotics, and Art.  Additional offerings in middle school also include Drama, Yearbook, and Creative Writing. 

In Art class, students are in for a treat with veteran teacher, Mrs. Leonard. Students work with a variety of mediums, including painting, sculpting, creating multimedia pieces, drawing, and MUCH more. We invite you to tour SAS and view our students' impressive artwork around the school.  Even our youngest students learn about art history and different art techniques.  Students study Van Gough, Michelangelo, Frida Kahlo, Da Vinci, Picasso, and more...

In Library, Mrs. Bush can get even the most reluctant reader excited about books!  Library time incorporates many aspects of literacy. Younger students enjoy story time and developing a love of reading. Older students are often found reading new Virginia Reader's Choice Books or discovering a new genre. Each year, Mrs. Bush helps bring a renowned author to visit our school and meet with our students. 

In Physical Education, Mrs. Edwards will keep the students busy and happy! They play various games designed to get them moving but also complete specific units, such as nutrition, based on the PE curriculum. Students enjoy playing favorite games and learning about movement.

In Spanish Class, Señora Lim immerses students in the language and culture. We are so blessed to have a native Spanish speaker who grew up in the Dominican Republic. Senora Lim works hard to guide SAS students into reading, understanding, and speaking the language she loves so much. 

In Music, Mrs. Rayburn uses the Diocese of Richmond curriculum and her own music background to guide her in teaching.  Students learn about the history of music, experiment with different musical instruments, practice different methods of singing, and much more.  Our students experience music ranging from classic Broadway shows to current pop culture songs. Students also have the opportunity to perform plays and skits during drama units. 

In STEM, Mr. Feltis (he has a degree in Aerospace Engineering with a Minor in Astrophysics!) will help make students fall in love with science!

Mrs. Hughes, our Writing Coach, works with all classes. She works with students in whole class setting, small groups, and individuals. Teaching literacy, especially writing, is her passion! Our students learn that writing isn't painful!

Our Reading Specialist, Mrs. Hawthorne, works with students and teachers. She works in whole class, small groups, and with individual students. Her expertise is deep, and we are so lucky to have her!

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