Principal's Welcome

Thank you for taking the time to visit our school's website. Hopefully, our site starts a dialogue with you and shows you a glimpse of why we love SAS.  I taught at St. Anne for many years and feel blessed for this opportunity to be principal.  

As you can see below, our faculty and staff are committed to St. Anne. We are exceedingly proud of our teacher turnover rate.  It is a reflection of our teachers' commitment to our students, as well as proof that SAS is truly a special place. 

  • BS in Education 

  • Minor in Music 

  • MA in Education 

  • EdS (Educational Specialist Degree)

  • 40 years in education 

  • 34 years at SAS


42 degrees.

St. Anne has earned the highest level of accreditation​. Our faculty must uphold strict certification (all hold education degrees) and maintain continuing education in their subject areas.

Our faculty has earned a whopping 42 degrees combined. 

434 years.

Yes, you read that correctly! 

Our teachers have a combined total of 434 years of teaching expertise. Talk about being masters!



Our teacher turnover rate is very low;  many years, 100% of our faculty returns each year!  We contribute this to our thorough hiring process, our faculty's commitment to excellence, and the culture of SAS .

Almost all have been part of our SAS family for at least 5+ years. 11 have been faculty for 10+ years. And, 5 have been here for 20+ years! 



Fr. Chris Hess

Pastor of St. Anne Church


Heather Weaver

Early Learners (3 year olds)

  • BS in Early Education 

  •  years at SAS


Heather Weaver

Early Learners (3 year olds)

  • BS in Early Education 

  • 6 years at SAS


Deb Miller

Junior Kindergarten (preK)

Preschool Coordinator  

  • BS in Early Childhood Education  

  • 20+ years in education 

  • 18 years at SAS


Caitlin Houser

Junior Kindergarten (preK)


  • BA in Education 

  • 7 years in education 

  • 3 years at SAS


Anne Johnson 


2nd Grade Religion

  • BA in Interdisciplinary Studies  

  • 24 years in education

  • 24 years at SAS


Leigh Anne Bracher

1st grade

3rd Grade Religion 

  • BS in Interdisciplinary Studies 

  • Minor in Physical Education 

  • 31 years in education 

  • 31 years at SAS


Suzanne Blaser 

2nd Grade

Kindergarten Social Studies

  • BA in Business Administration 

  • BA in Education 

  • 17 years in education 

  • 6 years at SAS


Amy Thomas

3rd Grade

1st Grade Science

  • BS in Interdisciplinary Studies

  • AA in Early Childhood 

  • BS in Accounting 

  • 18 years in education 

  • 11 years at SAS


Pat Johnson 

4th Grade 

Vice Principal 

  • BA in Education 

  • MS in Education 

  • 44 years at SAS


Whitley Grunstra 

5th Grade 

Middle School Creative Writing


  • BS in Interdisciplinary Studies 

  • Minor in Elementary Education 

  • 10 years in education 

  • 7 years at SAS 


Scott Thiers

Middle School Social Studies 

7th Grade Religion 

  • AA in Art

  • BA in History

  • BS in Education 

  • 19 years at SAS 


Emilie Robinette

Middle School Language Arts

Director of Development 

  • BA in Communications/PR 

  • MA in Education

  • 11 years at SAS


Linda Kristofek

Middle School Science

  • BS in Biology 

  • MA in Education- Curriculum and Instruction

  • EdS in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies

  • 46 years in education 

  • 10 years at SAS


Señora Lim

Spanish, Preschool-8th

  • BS in Political Science and French Literature 

  • MA in Public Administration 

  • Fluent in Spanish, French, and English

  • 7 years at SAS 


Lynne Anderson 

MiddleSchool Math 

STEM, Preschool-8th

  • AA in ​Engineering 

  • BA in Elementary Education 

  • 11 years in education 

  • 3.5 years at SAS


Paulette Leonard

Art, Preschool-8th

Religion, 4th, 8th

  • BS in Secondary Education 

  • 30 years at SAS

Ms. Schneider.png

Angie Bush

Library, Preschool-8th

Research, 4th & 5th Grade

  • Masters with postgraduate certification in Library Media 

  • 12 years at SAS


Sumer Rayburn

Music, preschool-8th grade 


  • BS in Music Education 

  • 36 years in education 

  • 16 years at SAS

Saint-Annes-logo_shield (1) - Copy copy.png

Tricia Campbell

PE, preschool-8th grade


  • B.S. in Business Management

  • PE Certification  

  • 13 years at SAS


Elizabeth Burriss

Resource Curriculum Coordinator


  • BA in Education 

  • MA in Speech-Language Pathology 

  • 10 years in SLP/education 

  • 4 years at SAS


Nicole Hughes

Writing Coach 

Marketing Director 

  • BS in English / Minor in History 

  • MS in Education 

  • National Board Certified

  • 17 years in education

  • 6 years at SAS 


Cynthia Langlois

5th Grade Religion 

AfterSchool Director  

  • Education 

  • Eucharistic Minister

  • 20+ years in education 

  • 6 years at SAS 


Susie Branson

After School Teacher

  • 4 years at SAS


Mary Zach Murphy 

Director of Enrollment 


Rachel Amos 


Ms. Schneider.png

Patty Cadle

Cafeteria Assistant


Sheila White