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The Judith Rosenfeld Author’s Day Program has been a part of St. Anne Catholic School for 30 years!  Every school year, students are visited by a nationally known, award-winning, author and/or illustrator. This year (2023), our author was Ben Hatke, an award winning author. The program inspires our students and encourages them in their reading and writing. ​The Annual Author Visit is funded through a generous endowment established by deceased St. Anne's parishioner, Francis MacFarlane.  The Author’s Day Program is named in memory of the school’s beloved former librarian, Judith Rosenfeld, who instituted this program in 1993. ​Below is a complete list of authors and illustrators who have visited St. Anne Catholic school since 1993.

Past Visiting Authors and Illustrators

Ben Hatke, March 2023 

Bruce Coville & Bruce Hale, 2022 (virtual)

Michael Patrick O'Neill, May 2021 (virtual)
Karina Yan Glaser, May 2020 (virtual)
Jerry Pallotta, May 2019
Clay Rice
, April 2018
Eric Litwin, March 2018 (see note)
Kimberly Brubaker Bradley, May 2017, 2012, & 2004
Sarah Weeks, May 2016
​Carmen Deedy, October 2014
Michael Patrick O'Neill, October 2013
John Rocco, May 2013
Jerry Pinkney, October 2010  
Hudson Talbott, March 2010 
Laura Elliott, March, 2009 
Diane Stanley, April, 2008 
Mordicai Gerstein, April, 2007
Rebecca Kai Dotlich, 2006
Ann Turner, 2005
Charles Vess, 2004
Susanne Chitwood, 2004
Cynthia DeFelice, 2003
Ashley Bryan, 2002 & 1994
Stephen Krensky, 2002
Deborah Lattimore, 2001
Elizabeth Levy, 2000
Elaine Alphin, 1999
Molly Bang, 1998
Robert D. San Souci, 1997
Madeleine L’Engle, 1997
Joseph Bruchac, 1996
Leonard Everett Fisher, 1995
Jean Craighead George, 1994
Phyllis Reynolds Naylor, 1993

​Note:  SAS earned this special visit by Eric Litwin after winning the National "Fantastic Scholastic Book Parade Contest" hosted by Scholastic. 

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