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At SAS, students begin learning number recognition and basic math manipulation in preschool. Our students are taught individually and in whole class instruction. The goal of our elementary teachers is to prepare each student to be ready for Algebra in 8th grade. 


Our Science curriculum is a learning experience that brings together math, experiments, literacy, and numerous hands-on opportunities. Our students are taught to be curious and fully engaged with the world around them. 


Students learn how to write in every writing mode, including: expository, narrative, persuasive, and descriptive. Technology is incorporated throughout writing units. All grades work with our Writing Coach on writing instruction. Beginning in the 5th grade, students complete multi-level research and writing projects. 

Social Studies

Social Studies covers many topics: geography, history, economics, and critical thinking. Students dive into other cultures via projects, technology, and even by tasting food. 


Our students are evaluated for individual strengths, so each child can learn to his/her full potential. Our Librarian, Mrs. Bush, our Writing Coach, Mrs. Hughes, and our Resource Curriculum Coach, Mrs. Burriss, enhance our literacy programs. 


At St. Anne School, religion is an important part of our curriculum. We welcome students of ALL faiths, and our religion curriculum reflects this diversity. We focus on helping our students developing a strong faith and relationship with God.

We teach to the child, not to the book, not to the class, and definitely not to the standardized test. St. Anne School has high standards, which push children to their potential and beyond. 

We consistently evaluate and evolve our programs to ensure that they not only meet and exceed the strict standards of SACS/CASI but also the diocesan curriculum standards.  The continuation of high academic standards, combined with the moral and spiritual development of each child, will remain our focus here at Saint Anne for what we know will be another excellent 70 years.  We accomplish this goal through a well-rounded educational program coupled with acts of service, religion, and a family atmosphere.

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