We are VALUE


St. Anne provides value beyond  just academics. We are a safe, family-oriented school that emphasizes learning, developing confidence, and building a strong faith foundation.


There will be no greater return than the one you will receive from this investment in your child's education. 


One very important aspect that sets us apart from other private schools in the area is that we are part of the Diocese of Richmond. There are 29 schools in this system, all of which are accredited by AdvancED.  Being part of a system larger than JUST our school means that we have a support system both academically and financially.  


Our teachers complete professional development required by the Diocese, we have our own Superintendent, and our curriculum and instructional materials are selected based on the top national research. In addition, since we receive financial support from St. Anne Catholic Church and from the Diocese, we will never have major tuition fluctuations and we are able to supplement costs for items (technology, teacher professional development, resources) with funding from sources besides just tuition.