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 Many of our students at St. Anne School are involved in athletics. We realize that playing team sports can be an important part of producing well-rounded individuals. In addition to providing physical activity, sports teach students about teamwork, dedication, and perseverance

St. Anne offers: Cross-Country, Golf, Cheerleading, Boys Basketball, Girls Basketball, and a Swim Club. Our students are involved in numerous athletic groups apart from just these, though. We have St. Anne specific soccer teams through Bristol Soccer Association and Tri-Cities United. We also have a St. Anne softball team through Bristol, VA Little League. We have students participating in almost every sport imaginable: lacrosse, dance, cheerleading, gymnastics, baseball, swimming, tennis, and more.

St. Anne students learn to give their best in their athletic endeavors, just as they give full effort in the classroom. Many SAS alumni continue playing sports in high school

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