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We are grateful to each person who contributes to St. Anne School. Thank you for helping us continue our legacy of providing a faith based, academically enriching education to each of our students. Truly, every amount, no matter how small, helps us build a strong foundation in the lives of our children. 

Designated Gift

Do you have a passion for the arts? For music? Do you love books and want to help nurture literacy in our students? Would you like to help purchase new computers for our school? Share your passion with us, and we will use your donation to support the area of your choosing. 

Click the button below for more information. Or, if you are ready to donate, please click on the PayPal link. Thank you for caring about our students! 


(Education Improvement Scholarship Tax Credits)

GIVE a Student the Gift of Catholic Education and GAIN a tax credit!

This program is a meaningful, impactful way to contribute to the community and truly change the life of a child. Donors can provide a scholarship to be used specifically at St. Anne School. 

To qualify, families of eligible students need to meet the income requirements below:

2016 Federal Poverty Guidelines


Bequests offer an excellent opportunity for you to make a significant gift to St. Anne School. You may designate in your will a specific bequest amount or a percentage of your estate, or you may name the school as the remainder beneficiary of your estate.

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