Located in the heart of historic Bristol, Virginia, Saint Anne Catholic School is Bristol’s only Catholic school and its oldest existing non-public school. It was founded by Monsignor James J. Hickie in 1949, because he had a vision for academic success coupled with faith-based character development.  After 70 years, we continue to serve as a hallmark of educational excellence.  We have many third generation families currently attending our school.

St. Anne School is blessed to receive financial, religious, and community support from St. Anne Catholic Church. We are part of an organization larger than just our school, and this historical connection makes us even stronger. 


St. Anne Catholic School's mission is to foster a spirit of service as we nurture the spiritual, physical, intellectual, social, artistic, and emotional growth of each student. This is developed by focusing on the teachings of Jesus Christ in the Gospels and the Catechism of the Catholic Church. 


We envision the St. Anne Catholic School of the future to continue to be rooted in the richness of Catholic tradition. The school will be a Christ-centered learning center focused on cultivating the potential of children within the faith community. 

As an educational center where Gospel values are learned, embraced, and integrated by all members, the Catholic school will be a place for lifelong learning, which challenges and empowers faculty to assess the present and design the future. 

The Catholic school will create an integrated curriculum that accommodates the diversity of learners in a global society. 

Faith. Purpose. Excellence.

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300 Euclid Avenue

Bristol, VA