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SAS Advantage


Our standards of academic excellence combined with our emphasis on core values provides our students with the SAS Advantage. 

Research consistently proves the invaluable benefits of graduating from a Catholic school. We are for ALL faiths; approximately 50% of our students are not Catholic. 

Students in Catholic schools demonstrate higher academic achievement than their peers from similar backgrounds in public schools.

Graduates of Catholic schools are more likely to earn higher wages than public school graduates. 

Catholic schools are part of a larger community, which allows them to provide affordable excellence in education. 

Catholic schools are for students of ALL faiths- not just Catholic. 

There is an emphasis on core values, developing the whole student, and character development.

Research proves:

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St. Anne School is for students of ALL faiths; roughly 50% of our students are not Catholic. Our students develop a system of strong morals that will guide their decisions throughout high school and beyond.  


High school teachers consistently praise SAS students as being prepared, respectful, confident, curious, and leaders in the classroom.  The middle school teachers at SAS work with students for their entire 3-years, so they know each student's learning styles and how to nurture and challenge them as individuals. 


 Our small class size and sense of family means that teachers truly get to know students as individuals. We believe that instilling confidence in our students is just as important as academic endeavors. Sending your children to high school with a strong sense of self-worth is one of the best investments you can make for their futures.  


As public schools lose more funding for their Arts classes, St. Anne continues to develop our STEM, Drama, Art, Music, Spanish, Library, and PE programs. This results in  well-rounded students who are able to conduct scientific research as well as paint a self-portrait. 


Our graduates are leaders in their own ways- whether it is by continuing on to become a vocal leader in High School student government or by quietly setting an example of how to make smart choices. Our students possess communication skills, a confidence in themselves, and a powerful sense of empathy that sets them apart from others. The leadership skills they gain at SAS will positively impact the rest of their lives. 


St. Anne School is fortunate to have the freedom from standardized tests within public schools. We are also fully accredited by the highest standards. Therefore, our students benefit from a curriculum that prepares them for success in high school and future careers. St. Anne is part of a diocese of 29 schools, which means our school is not funded entirely by tuition. Our academic experience is affordable excellence.  Financial Aid is available for those in need, and information is kept in strictest confidence.

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