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St. Anne School places great value on teaching our students to provide service to others. Part of our faith based learning is that we encourage each student to use his or her God-given gifts to make positive contributions to society. 

With this in mind, we ask for each family to complete service hours each year. Volunteering also helps our parents meet other families and become a community.  There are multiple ways to volunteer. And, if you have other volunteer ideas to benefit our school, please let us know!


We are A TEAM 


Bingo is extremely important to our school and helps offset tuition costs for every family. It runs every single Tuesday and Saturday nights, and we appreciate ANY help. We raise THOUSANDS of dollars every year.  There are numerous options for how to help during Bingo; if you have never helped with Bingo, don't be intimidated. It is simple and actually fun!


Back to School Picnic

Annual 5K Run

Fall Fundraiser

Catholic Schools Week 

Class Parties 


Help in the cafeteria

Serve on the School Board

Help with School Projects

Class holiday parties

 Library Book Fairs

Sponsor an afterschool Club

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