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Heavy Hearts

We have a beautiful church with some very, old stained glass windows. My favorite of these is tucked in a corner and probably unnoticed by most people. It shows a heart with wings being pierced through with a sword. This is symbolic of the Blessed Mother as she is warned by Simeon in Luke 2:35, “…a sword shall pierce through thine own soul…” This foreshadowed that Mary herself would not be untouched by the sacrifices her son would make.

We, like Mary, are not untouched by the tragedy our school has witnessed. Our hearts have been pierced. Although loss is something very personal and individual, it is at the same time, universally understood. Loss leaves us breathless, empty, and disoriented. Our emotions are raw and sometimes uncontrollable. And it is hard.

The coming days and weeks will eventually become like summer again with picnics, trips, and sunburns. We know in our hearts this is what we want for ourselves, but especially for the Hughes family. May we continue to offer prayers, and rely on the strength of our faith.

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