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A Beautiful Message, from our PTO president

The last post to our PTO page was made three weeks ago announcing a brief closure. March 13 feels like an eternity ago at this point. The page has remained silent since that time because honestly I have been unsure what words would be appropriate for the surreal situation that we are all experiencing. Yes, our beloved school and all local schools are now closed for the remainder of the 2019-2020 school year, we are adapting to distance learning and we are all under stay at home orders. On the surface the theme to all of this appears to be that we are apart.

But are we really? Our beloved teachers and administration are incredibly invested and work hard daily to create lesson plans and activities for our children. Our parents are putting these plans into action and they themselves are learning how to educate their children from home. Our children are so very resilient. They are adapting to their worlds suddenly becoming much smaller and adjusting to not seeing their peers and beloved teachers. We are ALL in this together.

Over the past year families have donated time, energy and resources to make our events at St. Anne's successful. Your financial contributions are making a difference today as our school is more in need of technological resources than ever. Every penny donated to PTO has gone directly back into the school. Every family is a part of PTO and every family has made a difference. The PTO Board thanks you. There are no words to express our gratitude to Ms. Schneider and the faculty. We are so very blessed to have these compassionate educators at St. Anne School.

This past year we, as the St. Anne's family, celebrated "The Knight at the Museum" and Grandparents' Day, enjoyed the Polar Express night and Christmas holiday, played hard at the Winter Carnival, enjoyed "think out of the box Thursdays," served our community by stuffing 100+ blessing bags for Catholic Schools Week, prayed for Max, had PTO Playdates and skate nights, and stopped, dropped and danced on Retro Day. The list goes on and on! We as the St. Anne's family smiled often and laughed hard. WE made a difference in our community and had so much fun doing it TOGETHER.

The new school year will come and the giggles of the students will return. The adults will laugh and tell war stories at drop off and run a left lunch box into the office. The school will pray together at Mass. There will be STEM projects, book reports and science fairs and the school will come alive. We will be together once again.

The PTO Board has all of you in our thoughts. The Board and I send our sincerest prayers for safety and good health to each of you and your family members. Please know we are here, we are the SAS family and we are SAS strong. We are all in this together.

God bless, Kim Mumpower


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