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3rd Week of Advent

2 Cor. 5:7

We walk by faith, not by sight, 2 Cor 5:7. If we only have faith in what we see, we will never see potential. We will always be tied to the material things of this world, always searching for earthly things.

The festive lights of this season are some of the best I have seen. I love colored lights, white lights, flashing lights. I love lights that race and lights that glow. My favorite light of the season, however, is a single candle, a real candle with a single flame. Legend has it that the tradition of candles in windows were to light the way for the young family traveling to Bethlehem many centuries ago. That seems like true foreshadowing as even then, Mary was carrying the Light of the World. With all of our modern technology, sparkling lights cannot replicate the warmth of a candle, the glow of the flame. All the things and stuff that we have surrounding us, cannot compare to the love of Christ all around us. Even in the darkness of winter, the gloom of 2020, the shadows of sadness, there is a light to look toward and to use as a guide.

As our Advent journey takes us into the 3rd week of Advent, the third candle is pink, representing j, joy for things not yet seen, not yet realized.

This season, let’s enjoy all the light displays, but let’s walk by faith following the Light of the World, Jesus Christ.


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